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Get started with
the Enlite sensor

Call 1.866.444.4649 to order your Enlite Starter Kit or CGM Starter Kit or click here to have someone contact you.

Increased safety and reduced needle anxiety

The Enlite Serter is quieter and keeps the needle hidden during sensor insertion.

Easy insertion process

Use the Enlite Serter with two button presses (using either hand), which includes one press to insert the sensor, followed by an additional press to remove the insertion needle.

Up to 6 days of sensor use

The Enlite glucose sensor may be worn for up to 6 consecutive days with the MiniMed® Paradigm® Veo Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring system.

*Refer to the Enlite Serter user guide for detailed instructions for use, warnings and precautions.

Than the Sen-Serter insertion device. Data on file.

The Enlite sensor is compatible with the Minimed® Paradigm® Veo Insulin Pump and CGM System, Minimed® Paradigm® REAL-Time System, and Guardian® REAL-Time CGM System.