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MiniMed infusion sets support

What infusion sets are available?

Medtronic offers the widest range of infusion sets on the market to tailor to as many needs as possible. Take a look at the full range here:

There are many factors that may determine which infusion set you use. Your decision might be down to age, lifestyle, body type or just individual preference. Take a look at our Infusion set selector tool to find out which set might suit you best.

Speak to your healthcare professional about guidelines for temporary disconnection from your insulin pump.

Can I use sets from other manufacturers with the MiniMed® insulin pumps?

Our infusion sets are designed to work with our pump. Medtronic does not test reservoirs and infusion sets from other manufacturers and as a result, cannot guarantee the performance of these reservoirs and infusions sets with Medtronic MiniMed® insulin pumps. Use of non-Medtronic consumables is not covered by the risk analyses conducted by Medtronic. Use of non-Medtronic infusion sets will not void the warranty on your insulin pump unless damage results from this use.