• Continuous glucose monitoring with the enhanced Enlite™ Sensor

 Enlite Sensor

Better Glucose Control is Possible 1,2

Delivering better glucose control is our focus. 


Stay ahead 

Detect up to 96% of hypoglycemic events when using the enhanced Enlite™ sensor with the MiniMed® Paradigm® Veo™ Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system.3

Hassle-free compatibility

The enhanced Enlite™ sensor is compatible with your MiniMed® Veo™ Insulin Pump and CGM system with Low Glucose Suspend and MiniMed® Paradigm® REAL-Time Insulin Pump and CGM system.


Enlite glucose sensor for people living with diabetes

Comfort designed with you in mind

The enhanced Enlite™ sensor is 80% smaller in volume than our previous Enlite sensor

Enlite serter for continuous glucose monitoring

Insertion is easy

  • Large button for use with either hand
  • Hidden needle during insertion
  • 90 degree insertion angle



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