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  • Find out how Medtronic CareLink® can help you manage your glucose levels

Medtronic CareLink® Personal Data Management Software is a secure, free, web-based tool to help you and your healthcare professional gain insights on your glucose trends.
Learn and understand your glucose trends
Medtronic CareLink® Personal gives you the ability to follow and understand how insulin dosages, eating habits, exercise routines and medication affect your glucose levels, allowing you and your healthcare professional to review your data during and in between visits.
Medtronic CareLink® Pro software is designed for clinicians and hospitals and only available to healthcare professionals. Reports generated contain the same data from your pump as the CareLink Personal, but the reports it generates contain more clinical detail. The CareLink Pro software must be downloaded from a CD-ROM.

How Medtronic CareLink® Personal can help you

  • Eliminate the need for written logbooks
  • More easily identify patterns and problems 
  • Share data with your healthcare professional
  • Improve A1C levels compared to using an insulin pump without Medtronic CareLink®1
  • See a more complete picture when using continuous glucose monitoring

Understanding the effects of insulin doses, eating habits, exercise routines and medication on your own personal glucose levels is key to help improve your diabetes control. Information is presented in simple charts, graphs and tables to help you identify patterns and problems. This can help you and your health care professional to discuss potential causes of low and high blood glucose levels at particular times.

Medtronic CareLink® Personal Reports

Medtronic CareLink Personal software makes it easier to help track your blood glucose and sensor glucose levels, and to compare any changes with your daily activities and meals through reports.

The list of report types that you can see may vary depending on the device(s) you have uploaded, but the descriptions below give you an overview of the different kinds of reports that you can choose from.

The most commonly used reports:

  • Quick view summary report
    Shows how your insulin delivery, your diet and your exercise patterns affect how well you are controlling your blood glucose and sensor glucose levels over a two-week period.
  • Sensor daily overlay
    Based on continuous glucose monitoring data for up to seven days. After choosing the seven days of glucose sensor tracings you want to see, this report layers each day’s report on top of each other for comparison.
  • Sensor overlay by meal
    Includes meal information recorded in the Medtronic CareLink Personal logbook and data from the Bolus Wizard calculator.
  • Daily summary
    Focuses on one day and provides three graphs, including meter and sensor glucose readings, insulin usage, the carbohydrates you have eaten and your exercise routines.

Get Started on Medtronic CareLink®

All you need to sign up for Medtronic CareLink® Personal is a computer, any MiniMed® Paradigm® 515 or later pump, a Medtronic CareLink® USB device or Bayer CONTOUR NEXT LINK blood glucose meter and access to the internet.

Simply go to and click the "Sign Up Now" button to register and use the system.


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