Christian's diabetes story

Many people with Type 1 diabetes worry about potential long-term complications. Some start thinking about it right after diagnosis and for others it starts when they experience their first symptoms or are diagnosed with early signs of complications.

High glucose levels over time are associated with different types of complications. Achieving good glucose levels and an in-target HbA1c are key to helping reduce the risk of developing (long-term) complications.

Read the real-life stories of other people with Type 1 diabetes and discover how better glucose control is possible.1,2

Real life stories

Christian's diabetes story

In better control with his MiniMed® pump since 2012

"Being diagnosed with diabetes was a very sad moment for me. At 20 years old I felt all my dreams melting away. Then, as I started to learn more about my condition, the more I started to dread the possibility of long-term complications caused by poor glucose control (at that time, I wasn’t managing my diabetes well at all on multiple daily injections). But now, I can better control my blood glucose levels. I live a healthy, active life and I have no signs of any long-term complications. I am so grateful for that."